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Help us entertain you with even more exciting concerts

LCS has very few sources of income: choir members pay subs which aim cover the cost of rehearsals and concerts are paid for mostly from ticket sales. In addition we run occasional fund raising activities and, crucially, we have been fortunate in the past to receive grants from the Humphrey Richardson Taylor Charitable Trust.

Now there is a new, and fun, way to support the work of the choir: the Mole Valley Community Lottery. This is run by Mole Valley to help raise money for good causes like ours.


Tickets cost £1 of which 50p goes towards the choir and 10p towards other local causes. The top prize is £25,000!!

Click the link below to  go to LCS's lottery page and buy your tickets (opens in a new tab).

Leatherhead Choral Society's Lottery Page

Or use this button to make a donation

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