It has been a while ...

It seems like it has been a long time since we last sang. It is time to clear the cobwebs from our throats and rediscover what Monday evenings are really for. We start rehearsing again on 9th September. If you are looking to join a choir you will be very welcome if you come and join us.

We will be preparing for our next concert on 14th December so put the date in your diary if you want to come and hear us.

Singing for Shelter - The Recording


As regular viewers will have spotted we have been building up to this over the last week or so. On Monday 1st July 2019 we learnt and then recorded “A place to Call Home” by Alex Woolf. This in support of a project for Shelter. If you are able and willing to make a donation to Shelter please go to the relevant Just Giving page.

Thank you to all the folk who made this possible, not least Alex Woolf for writing the song.

Here is our rendition.

Open Rehearsal - Singing for Shelter

We had a great evening on Monday. We welcomed around 20 folk who came to join us for our open rehearsal. We spent the bulk of the evening learning and recording “A Place to Call Home”. This in support of Sing for Shelter. The recording will be available soon for everyone to enjoy.

That concludes our rehearsals until September 9th, when we start again preparing for our December concert. Details of that can be found on our events calendar.

Pied Piper of Hamelin

A big thank you to all who made our concert last Saturday possible and to all who came to hear us all. It was a joy to work with all the youngsters and their teachers who took part and we think the end result was rather good. And that is two years in succession that we have had our summer concert on a really hot day.


It was warm work setting up the stage with lots of pauses to keep cool, but we thought the rat themed cakes were rather fun.


Duck Racing

Later today Leatherhead’s Duck Races occur. Good luck to all ducks, especially those participating in “The Leatherhead Choral Society Classic”.

A new term begins - Come and join us

We begin rehearsing for our summer concert this evening. If joining a choir is something you have been thinking about, now is a good time. The first couple of weeks is when we make first acquaintance with the music we are performing.

If you are interested our next concert is on Saturday 29th June. If you are thinking of joining us we have some things you might like to know. You are assured of a warm welcome if you come along.