Mons - Ode To Joy / An die Freude

This post will only interest those going to Mons.

The event organisers have asked me to create a bespoke arrangement of the Ode to Joy from Beethoven’s 9th Symphony to round off the event. They asked for it to be sung in German, so henceforth I’ll refer to is as “An die Freude”. we will sing this accompanied by the string orchestra.

I’ve created a vocal score, which will be distributed soon, either in printed or electronic form, I’m not sure which, and also practice files.

There are 2 soprano files which need some explanation. The soprano part of this work is famously high - there are quite a few top As. I know that some of you sopranos aren’t comfortable up there so, with apologies to Beethoven, I have created a second soprano part which avoids the very top notes. You don’t have to be a second soprano to sing this line - just choose whichever one suits your voice best.

There are also practice files for Elegy, An die Freude and the Haydn Dona Nobis Pacem which you will find for listening and download on the Practice Resources page.