Message from Ian 2/9/18

Hi everyone,

New season, new website, new blog. Exciting times. I hope that everyone had a great summer and I'm looking forward to seeing you all at rehearsal and getting stuck in to Handel's masterpiece Israel In Egypt. 

I hope you like the choir's new website. I think Vince has done a great job with it and I'm grateful to him for all the work he has put into it to get it ready in time for the new term. These days a choir's online presence is so important, and our old website was looking very tired and outdated (I can say that, because I designed and built it!)

You'll notice that we're going to keep our warmups, coffee breaks and announcements pretty short this term - we've got a huge amount of music to learn so we can't afford to slacken. It will be worth it, I promise. You can help by making sure you're in your place ready to go by 7:45 each week and by keeping a good focus as much as possible during rehearsals. (I'm trying to say "no talking" without actually saying it. Oops.)

Oh, and bring a pencil, obvs.

OK, that's it for now Keep an eye on this blog, for more messages as we go. See you soon!