Israel in Egypt

Very well done everyone for another successful concert! Israel in Egypt was a challenge, no doubt about it, but the thing I’ve learned about this choir and challenges is that you rise to them, time and again.

It may not have been a flawless performance, but considering the complexity of the music and the amount of concentration required, on top of an already tiring few days in Mons, it was an amazingly polished and gutsy one, with a really vibrant energetic sound and real commitment. Particular kudos goes to the smaller voice parts who, I thought, held their own throughout the 8-part choruses really well.

I was really pleased with the whole evening. I thought the orchestra did well and the soloists were great. All the feedback I’ve received so far has been positive too.

Thanks as always to everyone who helped with making it happen. I have to give a special call-out to Jane who had a job on her hands sourcing the vocal scores, conductors’ score and orchestral parts and did it all with her customary efficiency and good humour. The added complexities of liaising with St. John’s school, particularly at a time when their music department is in a bit of turmoil, made the whole project quite a stressful process, but they are a very nice group of singers and I hope that you enjoyed singing with them, and having those extra voices to boost the sound.

I’m sorry not to be with you for the Christmas concert but I know that you’re in good hands with Sarah and I hope you enjoy preparing for the concert with her. Next stop - Leith Hill!