Gathering the choir's thoughts

Yesterday (Thursday 18th October) Lindsay and I met with the choir’s voice reps to discuss their feedback from the various meetings and discussions that they have organised over the last few weeks. Christine (Sop 1), Lisbet (Sop 2), Sue (alto 2), Godwyns (tenor) and Vince (bass) were there and Lindsay had a written report from Cathy Ellis (alto 1) who wasn’t able to come, so the whole choir was represented.

I won’t go over in detail what was discussed now because it will take a while to produce a proper report, but I just wanted to let you know that the meeting happened, that we heard the feedback, and that there were some really good ideas in there which we plan to act on.

Just as in our initial questions, we structured discussion into the areas of recruitment, musical development, repertoire/performance, management and support/outreach, with quite a lot of time spent on the two areas of recruitment and building an audience

Reassuringly, the overwhelming tone of the feedback was positive - it’s clear that you love the choir as much as I do and that you’re basically pretty happy with how it’s run - whilst there were some minor concerns and suggestions for tweaks which we will definitely take on board.

At the same time, it goes without saying that we can’t please everyone - but we’ll do our best. Watch this space - or maybe some other space - for a more detailed summary later.