Leith Hill Musical Festival

LCS takes part in Leith Hill Musical Festival every year. We have been consistently successful in the competitions in recent years. The concerts are always enjoyable – singing challenging music with other choirs, professional soloists and accompanied by professional ensembles.

So how does the competition work? The LHMF choirs are divided into three divisions, and each division has a day for competition. On the day at 9am we sing the Festival Song, written by RVW for LHMF and this is the only time you will get to sing it. We run through the classes, each choir getting its turn. this is logistically challenging! The adjudicators give feedback, points are awarded, winners are cheered and everyone congratulates each other on good performances.

The Full Chorus class consists of a couple of passages from the main work(s) that form the core of the evening concert. The Lower Voices class requires Tenors and Basses in some combination and in recent years has moved away from drinking songs to pieces with more expressive opportunities. The Upper Voices class is similar for Sopranos and Altos. The Madrigal Class doesn't confine itself to English music from 16th and 17th centuries, but whenever and wherever it comes from it will contain a hint of the original. The Part Song class is usually something contemporary. There is also the opportunity for smaller ensembles to come together and create a performance in the Ensemble class. All the music for these is selected by the LHMF Music Committee, but each choir gets to choose one piece for the Open class.


A few images of some of us having far too much fun at LHMF 2018.










The table below shows our results in recent years.

  2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Full Chorus 1st (174) 3rd (168) 3rd (173) 2nd (174) 1st (173) 4th (167)
Lower Voices 2nd (84) 4th (82) 2nd=(85) 3rd (84) 3rd (85) 4th (83)
Upper Voices 2nd (85) 2nd=(85) 2nd (87) 1st (87)
2nd (86) 1st (87)
Madrigal 3rd (86) 4th (82) 1st (87) 1st (89)
2nd (86) 3rd= (85)
Part Song 1st (88) 1st (88) 1st=(86) 2nd (87) 1st (88) 2nd (86)
AGGREGATE 1st (517) 3rd (505) 2nd=(518) 1st (521) 1st (518) 4th (508)
Ensemble 1st (87) 2nd (87) 1st (88)
3rd (89) 1st (89)
7th= (83)
4th= (84)
Own Choice 2nd (85) 3rd (84) 2nd (86) 1st (90) 1st (88) 1st (87)