Getting to 50 (1940 – 1978)

Leith Hill resumed in 1947 and LCS were there taking part in the Towns Day as before. Mabel Fuller had taken up the role of conductor. She was active in the local music scene running Leatherhead School of Music from her home at Devon House.

The general pattern of a year for LCS at this time would be to begin learning and rehearsing the music for Leith Hill in the autumn prior to the festival in the spring. Normally the choir did little more than that during the year perhaps. Perhaps something at Christmas and an occasional charity event where a choir might be wanted. For singers who wanted to there would also be the opportunity to sing with the Leith Hill Combined choir.

One of our singers of the time describes some of his experiences of this time in Meredith's Memories: Recollections of Ashtead Village and other stories (Meredith Worsfold, 2009, ISBN 978-0-9534377-1-9), in particular finding himself the only tenor at a rehearsal of a small group with RVW and RVW's kindness in helping him through the rehearsal.

Mabel Fuller was succeeded by Victor Yates in 1961. He taught at St. John's School. He continued until 1965 and was succeeded by Beverly Manning who was followed Joan Kemp-Potter in 1969.

Joan Kemp-Potter is the longest serving conductor of LCS. She taught at Guildhall School of Music and Drama. She also conducted Sutton Symphony Orchestra. Her husband was William Blezard who had an extensive career providing music for theatre and television. He was music director for Joyce Grenfell and Marlene Dietrich towards the end of her career. He also composed, including a piece for the 50th anniversary of LCS in 1978.